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Free, home-made goodies to download

Split Each Bar- Studio One Macro

This one take a little setting up but it’s totally worth it, this macro is super-useful. It splits an event at every bar for your entire song. Copy/Paste this code from pastebin into your text editor: Save the file as “Split Each Bar.studioonemacro” Note that you need to change “Save as type” to “All files”, otherwise it will not… Read more →

MIDI Scale Snap presets for Studio One

One thing I really love about Ableton is its MIDI plugins (in particular- MIDI scale snap). Since my primary DAW (Studio One) doesn’t have anything similar out of the box, I went about researching a way to re-create that functionality. Using a tiny, free plugin by good guys at the piz (, I found a way to do it. Load… Read more →