I can write you an original piece of music meeting your exact requirements. As a classically trained composer, naturally I specialize in classical music. Film scores, orchestral cues, piano pieces, chamber ensembles etc are right up my street. Alternatively, I can also write in many other genres. I'll compose anything from large orchestral scores to podcast jingles. Just let me know the mood/style you need for your piece and I'll cook you up something!

Orchestral Music

Themes & Jingles

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Got a song you wrote, but no idea of how to get it out into the world? Record yourself singing your song, send it to me, and I'll turn it into a full song! You don't have to be in time or in tune. I'll fix all that.


Your track is almost complete, but it's just missing some depth and grandeur. I will add the expressiveness of  a full orchestra to your track.


If want to hit me up, talk about music and how to make it, you can do that totally for free. I love hearing from and talking to other musicians. Just use the contact form here. I also give music production lessons at

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